Fake Hate Crimes on the rise

Help stop hate crime hoaxes!

Let me give you some advice. The next time you hear a media report of a hate crime by a conservative or Trump supporter, wait a day and see if it is a hoax.

John Hawkins lists “10 Examples of Hate Crimes that Turned Out to be Scams.” Elizabeth Nolan Brown documents in Reason that “There Is No Violent Hate-Crime Wave in Trump’s America.” Kevin Williamson, writing in National Review, talks about both “Fake Hate Crimes” and “Fake Hate.” There is even the fakehatecrimes.org website that documents these fake crimes in the hundreds.

Juan Thompson, a left-wing journalist who was fired from his position at The Intercept, was in the news again for making a string of threats to Jewish community centers. Apparently, he was trying to frame his ex-girlfriend as a “racist white girl.”

Three black coeds at the University of Albany said they were attacked on a city bus by a group of white men using racial slurs. Hundreds came to a campus rally against racism based on their false report. Surveillance videos contradicted their account, as did statements by fellow passengers. Actually, they were the aggressors who hit a 19-year-old white woman on the bus.

Muslim women at the University of Louisiana, the University of Michigan, and the University of New Mexico made false claims they were attacked and had their head coverings pulled off. In a number of cases, we don’t know the names of some of these hijab hoaxers. Frankly, I don’t think we should be protecting the identities of people who file false police reports.

A student at Beloit College reported anti-Muslim graffiti on his door and outside his dorm room. After police investigated, they found he perpetrated the fraud himself.

There is no doubt that hate crimes exist, but the sheer number of false reports of hate crimes is alarming, not to mention it takes law enforcement resources needed to combat actual real hate crimes.

We can help reduce the number of fake hate crimes by holding the hoaxers accountable. Letting them off with a slap on the wrist isn’t acceptable.

2 thoughts on “Fake Hate Crimes on the rise

  1. It makes me sick how celebrities can get away with crimes like faking hate crimes, yet normal people get prison time for doing these things

  2. A gay black man gets away with faking a hate crime. Only in America! He’s a joke and a loser and belongs in jail.

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